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Headlight Repair and Plastic Restoration

Is a cloudy haze affecting your plastic headlight? Perhaps UV damage, acid rain or just plain old dirt has broken down your headlight. With time and use, plastic lenses can suffer severe weathering, requiring immediate repair as the problem deteriorates ruining your headlights. Fortunately, the majority of these conditions can be rectified with Headlight and Heater’s cleaning, repair and restoration services.

Headlight restoration and repair services are offered direct to the public, insurance agencies and automotive repair shops. Quotes will be prepared dependent upon the degree of severity of repair and whether the lens needs to be removed. For more information and discuss your headlight repair, contact us for an immediate quote.

Be assured that when you rely on Headlight and Heater for your custom repair job, you get top quality service at great prices. For a custom quote, contact us today.