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Wholesale Replacement Headlights

Headlight and Heater carry an extensive array of top quality replacement headlights, fog lights and high performance automotive lighting products for your car, truck or bus. Replacement OEM headlight products within our range include auxiliary, halogen, HID (high intensity discharge) and LED automotive lighting from Australia, America, Japan and Europe.

Some of the more popular headlights stocked include:

  • Honda headlights
  • Nissan headlights
  • Mazda headlights
  • Acura headlights
  • Subaru headlights
  • Mitsubishi headlights
  • Toyota headlights
  • Kia headlights

We also carry high performance headlights for luxury vehicles, remaining focused on the future automotive lighting for the 21st century. Your automotive lighting needs are met here. Click to view our replacement headlight product list or contact us for a quote.

All replacement auto lights are supplied with a warranty equivalent to that of the original manufacturer. This measure is made to ensure customer satisfaction for the products we sell and provide. The reputation of Headlight and Heater depends highly on the quality of the merchandise we feature, the services we conduct and the customer service we provide.